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July 15, 2020

Rusdiana, born in Puhun Ciamis, on April 21, 1961, was the first child of seven siblings, Mr. Sukarta (late), with Ms. Junirah. Since childhood, he followed his parents in Puhun Village, Cinyasag Village, Sub-district. Panawangan Ciamis Regency.  House Address:Al-Mishbah Cipadung Islamic University Complex RT. O2/RW 11 Cipadung Village-Cibiru District Manung City West Java Province Indonesia Postal Code 40614. Tel. 022. 780 3172. e-mail;; rusdiana @ uinsgd.

Formal Education Experience

Graduated from Elementary School in Cinyasag I Elementary School, 1975. Tsanawiyah Madrasah in Panawangan Ciamis graduated in 1979, Madrasah Aliyah Bandung graduated in 1982, S-1, Da’wah Faculty of Islamic Studies Ushuluddin IAIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung in 1987, S2 Masters in Management Institute Institute Jakarta Indonesia Management graduated in 2002. and completed the S-3 Postgraduate Program in Education Management at the Islamic University of Bandung, graduating in 2012, with a Dissertation “WASDALBIN Policy Implacement Towards Higher Education Accountability. In accordance with his life motto “study and serve”, he served as an Education Management Lecturer at the MPI Department of the Faculty. Tarbiyah and Teacher Training and MPI Study Program Postgraduate Program UIN Bandung. Rank of Lector Head of Group IV/c. TMT April 2019. Proposed Professor Process since March 16, 2020.

Teaching experience

External lecturers can at PTKIS Kopertais Region II West Java and Banten (STAI Al-Jawami and STAI Riyadul Janah Subang) teach Mk. Research Methods (Year 2000-2006). External Lecturer Can be at the Faculty of Science and Technology UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung) Teaching Management Science PKN, Entrepreneurship and ISD (Year 2006-2012). Year 2006-2012. External Lecturer Can at PTIQ Jakarta Panjalu-Ciamis Class teaches Education Research and Management Methods (Year 2000-2012). Permanent Lecturer of the Faculty of Science and Technology of UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung) Management Science of PKN, Entrepreneurship (2012-2015). Permanent Lecturer of MPI Department, Tarbiyah Faculty and Teaching Teaching MK. Educational Policy, Office Management; Ethics of Organizational Communication and Study Program MPI S2 Postgraduate UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, teaches MK Organizations Educational Institutions; Education Financing Management; HR Management; and Education SIM Management (2015-Present). Hoombass Study Program MPI Postgraduate UIN Sunan Gunung Djai Bandung 2017-now.

Scientific Work: Writing Books, Research, and Journals

Experience in Writing Textbooks, Referrals and Mongrfh books

Until now, he has written textbooks, Introduction to Management (Tresna Bhakti, 2002), HR Management (Tresna Bhakti, 2007), Social Sciences and Basic Culture (Tresna Bhakti, 2008), Citizenship Education (Tresna Bhakti, 2009), Sociology of Education (BatiC 2010), Educational Anthropology (BatiC 2011); Educational Policy (UIN SGD Lemlit, 20014); Educational Institutions Organizations (PPs. UIN SGD, 2015); Office Management (Lemlit UIN SGD, 2016). Entrepreneurship Management (UHS, 2017). Philosophy of Science (Lemlit UIN SGD, 2018). Management of Education Information Systems (UIN SGD Institute of Politics, 2019). Education Financing Management (UIN SGD Lemlit, 2019). Human Resource Management Education (UIN SGD Lemlit, 2020). (12 titles total).

Textbooks/reperents: Fundamentals of Management (Pustaka Tresna Bhakti Bandung, 2002); Management of Human Resources (Pustaka Tresna Bhakti, 2008); Management of Human Resources (Arsad Bandung, 2012); Contemporary Entrepreneurship Management (Arsad, 2012); Entrepreneurship Education (Insun Komunika Bandung, 2012); Curriculum Management (Arsad Bandung, 2013); School Financial Management (Arsad Bandung, 2013); Educational Innovation Concepts (Bandung, 2014); Entrepreneurship (Pustaka Setia, 2014); Modern Office Management (Insan Komunika, 2014); Principles of Global-oriented Management (Pustaka Setia, 2014); Management Information System (Pustaka Setia, 2014); Operations Management (Pustaka Setia, 2014); Value Education (Loyal Library, 2014); Education Policy (Loyal Library, 2015); Multicultural Education (Pustaka Setia, 2015); Learning Evaluation (Loyal Reader, 2015); Conflict Management (Loyal Library, 2015); Education Management (Loyal Library, 2015); Teacher Professional Education (Loyalty Reader, 2015); Management of Education and Training (Reader Setia, 2015). Change Management (Loyalty Library, 2016); Educational Institution Organization Development (Pustaka Setia, 2016); Educational Management Thought Systems (Pustaka Setia, 2017); Education Information Technology Communication (Pustaka Setia, 2017); Educational Program Evaluation Management (Pustaka Setia, 2017); Shariah Auditing (Faithful Reader, 2018). Authentic Assessment (Loyalty Reader, 2018); Philosophy of Science (Institute for Research and Publishing of UIN SGD Bandung, 2018), Management of Education Funding (Institute of Research and Publishing of UIN SGD Bandung, 2018), Introduction to the Constitutional Court Event (Pustaka Setia, 2018); Management of Character Education (Pustaka Setia, 2019); Development of Educational Program Planning (Pustaka Setia, 2019). Management of Character Education (Loyal Reader, 2019). Organizational Communication Ethics (Institute for Research and Publishing of UIN SGD Bandung, 2019), Education Information System. (Institute for Research and Publishing of UIN SGD Bandung, 2019); (Total 36 Books).

Monografh Book: Building Education-Based Civilization Village (Insun Komunika Bandung, 2012); Performance Accountability and Research Reporting (Institute for Research and Publishing of UIN SGD Bandung, 2018); Human Capital Development Management (Monogrrafh book by Penebit Yarama Widya Bandung in 2019); (Total 3 Books)

Book Series of Services to the Community: A Guide to the Practice of Literature Worship Tresna Bhakti (2019); Utaian Mutiara Seven Minute Lecture; (Reader Tresna Bhakti; 2019); Student Activity Guide for SKPI Based 2019 Research Results PTKIS: Cirebon STAI and SKPI Based Results 2019 Research Results for STAI Yamisa Soseang; Guide to Developing SKPI-Based Soft Skills for Students; 2019 beneficiaries of STAI Darul Falah Cililin and STAI Al-Musdariyah Cimahi. Romadhan Minutes; Pustaka Tresna Bhakti (Pustaka Tresna Bhakti; 2020); Andradogi: Techniques and Methods to Humanize Humans (Pustaka Tresna Bhakti, 2020). (7 books total).

Research Experience:

Memeongan Ceremony seen from Aqidah Islam: Study in the Village of Cinyasag-Panawangan-Kab. Ciamis (Proceedings of the Sarmud Faculty of UnsuluddinIAIN SGD Bandung 1985); Religious Social Change in West Java: Study in the Village of Cinyasag-Panawangan-Kab. Ciamis, West Java Province; Bachelor Thesis of Da’wah Department in Unsuluddin Faculty, IAIN SGD Bandung 1987); Strategy of Development of IAIN Bandung to become UIN Bandung (Masters Thesis of HR Management – Indonesian Management Institute, 2002); WASDALBIN Policy Implementation Towards Accountability of Private Islamic Higher Education: Study on Kopertais Region I Jakarta; Wil. II Jabar-Banten and Region IV Surabaya-Indonesia. (Dissertation of Bandung UNINUS Education Management in 2012); Profile of the Faculty of Science and Technology of UIN SGD Bandung. (Analysis Study of Photographic Background, Student Motivation Development Model). (2009); Community Participation in the Implementation of School/Madrasah Based Management (MBS/M) (Research at MTs Al-Mishbah Cipadung, Cibiru District, Bandung City) (2010); Acceleration Strategy for Improving the Quality of Departments/Study Programs in the Faculty of Science and Technology of UIN SGD Bandung. (2011); WASDALBIN Policy Implementation towards PT. (Dissertation) (2012); Women’s Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship Training on Glutinous Rice Products Entrepreneurship (in Cinyasag Village, Panawangan District, Ciamis Regency). (2012); Evaluative Study of Islamic Court Learning in Faculty. UIN SGD Science and Technology (2013); Community Empowerment Through the Business Learning Group (KBU) at the Tresna Bhakti Community Student Learning Center Ds. Cinyasag Kec. Panawangan Regency. Ciamis (2013); Application of Character Education through the Active, Creative and Enjoyable Learning (PAKEM) approach in MTs. Al-Mishbah Cipadung Bandung. (2014); Changes in Religious Social Behavior in the Village of Cinysag Kec. Panawangan Regency. Ciamis, (2015); EMIS Policy Implementation, towards the Accountability of PTKIS Jabar-Banten (2016); The Role of PTKIS Leaders in Implementing KKNI Curriculum Policy, towards Higher Education Accountability (2017); PTKIS Readiness in Supporting SKPI Policy Implementation (2018). PTKIS Kopertais Region II West Java and Banten (2019) Higher Education Institution Accreditation Management AIPT Management Readiness (Total 18 Titles).

Journal Writing Experience

From 1992 to May 2020, writing scientific journals of no less than 35 journals in national journals and international journals, including:

National Journal 21 Title: The Function of Mosques and Management of Da’wah “Study Forum” IAIN SGD Bandung (Study Forum. No. 45-45/XIV 1992); Lecturer Professional Development Strategy (“ISTEK” Faculty of Science and Technology of UIN SGD Vol.I.No.1 Year 2007); Environmental Development Management: Alternative Community Learning (ISTEK Journal of Science and Technology Faculty of UIN SGD Vol.III.No.3-4, 2008); Development of ICT-Based Learning (J. ISTEK Faculty of Science and Technology of UIN SGD Vol.II. No.1-2 of 2009); Developing Quality and Accountable Study Program Management (“ISTEK” Faculty of Science and Technology of UIN SGD Vol.IV. No.1-2 of 2010); Educational Leadership for Schools/Madrasas (“Study Forum” UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung Vol. XXXV/Number 1/January-June 2011); Strategies to Improve the Quality of Higher Education at PTAIS; (“Study Forum” of UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung Vol. XXXV/Number 2/July-December 2011); Updating the Curriculum in Islamic Higher Education (ISTEK “Faculty of Science and Technology of UIN SGD Vol.VI. No.1-2 of 2012); The Concept of Total Quality Management and Service Quality in Developing Islamic Higher Education (A Concept of Developing TQM and SQ for the Faculty of Science and Technology) (J. ISTEK “Faculty of Science and Technology of UIN SGD Vol.VII.No.1-2 of 2013 ); WASDALBIN Policy Implementation towards Accountability of PT TA-B Accredited National Journal (MEDIA EDUCATION (MP) Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training UIN SGD Vol.XXVIII.No.3 Year 2013); Integration of Islamic Religious Education with Science and Technology (“ISTEK” Faculty of Science and Technology of UIN SGD Vol.VIII.No.2 of 2014); Grounding Environmental Ethics for Efforts to Cultivate Responsible Environmental Management (“ISTEK” Faculty of Science and Technology of UIN SGD Vol.IX.No.1 2015); Implementation of EMIS Policy, towards the Accountability of PTKIS (“I’TIBAR” Kopertais Wil II West Java ¬ Banten Vol.4.No. 7 November 2016); Implementation of EMIS Policy, towards the Accountability of PTKIS (Journal of “I ‘TIBAR” Kopertais Wil II West Java antBanten Vol.4.No. 7 November 2016); Yusuf Qardhawi’s Thoughts on Islam and Democracy (Journal of “I’TIBAR” Kopertais Wil II West Java antBanten Vol.5.No. November 9, 2016); Ahmad Tafsir’s thoughts about the management of forming the Insan Kamil (Journal of “At-Tarbawi” IAIN Surakarta Vol. 2, No. 2 2017 Sinta 3); Evaluative Study of Islamic Subjects Learning in Jur Informatics Engineering (J. “I’TIBAR” Kopertais Wil II West Java – Banten Vol. 10 May 2018); The Implementation Of National Standards-Based Curriculum In Private Islamic Higher Education: Leadership Impact (Accredited National Journal of Islamic Education Journal Vol IV/No 1 June 2018 Sprott 2); Conflict Resulsion Management: An Offer in Islam (EDUCATINEM Journal Volume 01, Number 01, 2019/1440/January 2019); Relevance Of Islamic Human Resources Management Through Modern Management (“I’TIBAR” Kopertais Wil II West Java – Banten Vol. 6.No. 12. May 2019); Humans As Subjects In Diversity Education (I’TIBAR ISSN Journal. P-2354-595X/E-2615-5117. Vol. 07, No.13, (November 2019); Characteristics of Islamic Boarding School Curriculum Program. (Ari Prayoga¹, Irawan², A. Rusdiana²) (AL-HIKMAH: Journal of Islamic Education and Education, p-ISSN 2685-4139. E-ISSN 2656-4327).

International Journal 14 Title: Utilizing Community through Developing the Center of Community’s Learning Activity (CCLA) in the Rural Area”, “Using the Community by Developing Community Learning Centers in Rural Areas” Scopus Q-3 Indexed International Journal (Publisher: Asian Economic and Social Society ISSN (F): 2304-1455, ISSN (E): 2224-4433 Volume 2 No. 4 December 2012); Readiness of Private Islamic Religious Universities in Supporting Policy Implementation for the Regulation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Number 1 of 2016 (Scopus Indexed International Journal + ID. Scopus) (Q-3) The ISSN Journal of Social Sciences Research (e): 2411-9458, ISSN (p): 24 13-6670 Vol. 5, Issue. 1 , pp: 166-171, Feb-2019); The Effect Of Basic Earning Power And Earning After Tax On Stock Prices In Registered Companies In Indonesia Sharia Stock Index (Study In Pt. Ultrajaya Milk Industry & Trading Company Tbk Period 2006-2017) (Threes/Second) (ARCTIC J ournal, ISSN: 0004-0843, 2019, Publisher of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, p. 1-15 (Q-1); Analysis of Management Readiness of Higher Education Accreditation (The Journal of Social Sciences Research ISSN (e): 2411-9458, ISSN (p): 2413-6670 Vol. 5, Issue. 12 (December 2019), pp: 166-171 2019 (Q-3); Andrew Mayo’s Human Capital Approach Model In The Management Of More Productive Human Resources In Private Islamic Higher Education (Together/Main) International Journal of Publication and Social Studies ISSN (p): 2520-4483 DOI: 10.18488/journal 135.2019.42.132.142 Vol. 4, No. 2, 132-142. © 2019 AESS Publications, All Rights Reserved (Q-3); Management of integration of values ​​and entrepreneurs education in Indonesia (Multicultural Economic Review) (International Journal of Publication and Social Studies ISSN (e): 2224-4441 ISSN (p): 2226-5139 Vol. 10, No.1, 51-62 January 7, 2020 DOI: 10.18488/journal 1.2020.101.51.62.: (Q-3); Analysis of Relationship Between Education Costs and Economic Growth Using The Granger Causality A pproach ((Besama/Utama) (ARCTIC Journal, Vol. 73 No. 3, 2020, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, pp.17-31 (Q-1); The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status And Consumption Pattern Of Fishermen Household In Indonesia (Together Main) Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development (AJARD). Vol. 10 (1) 2020 with video and HTML version. journals/June2020/5005/4903. (Q-3); The Impact Of Minimum Wage Province To Economic Growth (Study in Sumedang Regency, West Java Province Indonesia) (Besama/Second) (ARCTIC Journal, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vol. 73 No. 3, (March 2020), p.17 -31 (Q-1); CMS Word Press-Based Curriculum Management Information System of Private Islamic College (Joint/Main) International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology ISSN: 2005-4238 (IJAST Copyright 2019 SERSC Vol. 29, No. 03, (March 2020), pp. 7716 – 7728. Q-3) POE2WE Learning Management Based on Google Classroom Blended Learning: (Alternative Models in Learning during WFH Pandemic Covid-19) (Joint/Main) International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, ISSN : 1475-7192 Vol. 24, Issue 08, (May 2020) (Q-4).

Experience of Community Service

Besides that, it has not been devoid of community service. He has been fostering and developing the Cipadung-Bandung Al-Misbah Education Fund Social Foundation which has been organizing Early Education, RA, MI, and MTs, since 1984-Present, as well as the special work of “Bina Desa” through the Foundation for Self-Help Development Foundation Tresna Bhakti, which he founded. since 1994 and at the same time as a Foundation Trustee, the activities of fostering and developing student dormitories every year are no less than 50 students in the Dormitory Tresna Bhakti Cibiru Bandung.

Fostering and developing Community Learning Centers.This Curriculum Vitae is actually made, so that those who are interested in becoming informed.

Bandung, 15 July, 2020

Rusdiana,  A. Drs., Dr. H. MM.


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